Comprehensive Legal Aid & Advice

The TEEU in association with Bruce St. John Blake and Co., Solicitors provide a comprehensive legal aid scheme exclusive to members of the Union and their families (the term ‘family’ to include spouses, partners, sons and daughters).
Industrial Accidents   Claims for Personal Injuries sustained by members or their family related to the employment, work or occupation of Members or their families.

Accidents   Claims for Injuries sustained in circumstances where Members or members of their families are injured (unrelated to work).

Industrial Injuries   Claims arising from contraction of work related industrial diseases at work which are caused by or are related to the Employment of Members or their family members e.g. Industrial Deafness, Industrial Related Asthma, Asbestos Related medical conditions, Repetitive Strain Injury and Scoliosis.

Road Traffic Accidents *   Claims for Personal Injuries in Road Traffic Accidents in which members or their families are involved, either related or unrelated to work.

* In contentious business a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.

Making a Will

Free Wills Service for all Members and members of their family

Legal Advice on Any Matter

Legal Advice on any matter concerning any Legal problems which Members or their families may have which do not come within the foregoing categories of Legal Advice and Assistance involving an initial consultation for which there is no charge.

Payment for any Legal Services arising out of instructions given, following Comprehensive Legal Advice, which will be a matter of arrangement directly between the person seeking such services and Bruce St. John Blake & Co.

Buying / Selling a House

Legal Advice on all matters related to Purchase or Sales of Domestic House Property for Members and their families. Special rates on Purchase or Sales for Members and their families.

Social Welfare Advice

Expert advice on all matters concerned with and relative to the entitlement of Members to the very considerable range of Social Welfare Benefits. In particular, advice on all benefits payable to Members in appropriate circumstances under the Social Welfare Occupational Injuries Scheme.


Contact any of the TEEU Branches/Offices for information on how to apply for any of the above services.

It is the policy of the Union to provide a service to our members which is comprehensive and in this regard interviews and meetings with members of the TEEU and their families may also be arranged at any appropriate and mutually convenient location throughout the country.