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About the TEEU

We are a trade union whose origins go back to the first labour pioneers, who came together to protect workers from exploitation and, in the process improve their pay, working conditions, safety and opportunities for learning.

Who do we represent?

TEEU membership is open to all categories of workers in technical, engineering and electrical employment's.

Full list of categories

The TEEU is the largest engineering union in Ireland and the second largest in manufacturing representing up to 40,000 workers.

How can I play a role in the union?

We boast the most democratic structures in the trade union movement.

Every member is encouraged to participate in the Union. The Branches hold frequent meetings to which members are welcomed and encouraged to attend. The Branches elect their own officers & a representative to the National Executive Council (NEC).

The General Secretary / Treasurer administers the Union under the direction of the Executive Management Committee (EMC) who are elected members from the NEC.

The full-time officials attend at Executive Council meetings and may participate in debate but do not vote.


What Services do we provide?

We provide representation, advice and guidance in all aspects of:

Industrial Relations
Labour Law
Health and Welfare at Work
New Forms of Work Organisation,
Partnership at Workplace Level
Financial Services
Education & Training for Workplace Representatives

Some of Our Legal Aid & Advice Services

We Comprehensive Legal Aid relating to:

Accidents at Work
Road Traffic Accidents
Personal Injury at Work
Personal Injury outside of Work
Making a Will (free).

Comprehensive Legal Advice relating to:
Social Welfare
Buying or Selling a House
Legal advice on any matter. Available to "Family": Spouse, Partner, Sons or Daughters.

History of the TEEU

The TEEU came into existence in 1992 arising from an amalgamation between the Electrical Trades Union and the National Engineering & Electrical Trades Union. Both unions can trace their origins to 1920 when union activist's in British based unions believed Irish workers needed autonomous representation in the emerging Irish state.

For a detailed account of the TEEU History download this PDF file>>

Irish craft workers in a time of revolution
By Padraig Yeates

(This Article originally appeared in Saothar 33, Journal of the Irish Labour History Society)

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